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Summer Exhibition

 23 June to 21 July 2018


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Brenda Lenaghan RSW

Oriental in a Piet Oudolf Garden

Kalevala, the Birth of Vainamoinen


Dancers in Ballet Russe Costumes
 in amongst The Birches

Near Pitcox, East Lothian

St. Antimo, Tuscany


Hat for Eating Bouliabase

Terrace near Badia,
Passignale, Tuscany

Parrots and Peaches


Helen M Turner PAI PPAI

Tall Masts

Catching the Breeze Loch Eck

The Mighty Tay

Reflections, Stratford


Purple Rocks, Sanna

Summer Poppies

Full Reach to Skye

Rona Lee

After the Rain, Harris

Poppies and Daises, Iona

Sand Dunes, Tiree

Towards The Moorfoots, June

Summers End, Iona

Westward Gaze, Tiree

Gail Pope

White Roses and Stone Dove

Chinese Vase


Orchid and China Dove

The Japanese Teapot

Pink Peonies

Moon Glow